Paradise Blend (Donn's Mix) Tropical Cocktail Syrup
Paradise Blend (Donn's Mix) Tropical Cocktail Syrup


An island inspiration

Barbados—a Caribbean paradise, that brings together West African, Creole, Indian, and British backgrounds to produce one of the world’s most gorgeous cultures. Known equally for its beaches as well as its top-flight cuisine, this little sovereign island served as Blair’s inspiration for the Paradise Blend. If you ever wanted to visit this paradise but have to deal with those pesky details of daily life instead, our mix can help transport you there with the first sip.

This blend melds together a bit of tart Barbados grapefruit with some spicy Asian cinnamon to produce an intriguing balance of richness and sweetness. Our buddy Don the Beachcomber perfected this in his top-secret tiki mix, and we’ve worked tirelessly to bring his elixir to your bar or backyard deck.

The Paradise Blend is perfect for your next Zombie Punch—just add a splash of grapefruit juice, sugar, and cinnamon chips and you’ve got a bona fide crowd pleaser. But we’re all about crazy experiments here at BG Reynolds, so give it a shot in any one of your next tiki cocktails. Whether it’s the classic Fog Cutter, some Plantation Punch, or a reincarnation of the Singapore Sling, we know the Paradise Blend will give that drink the kick it needs to take it over the top.

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Ingredients: White grapefruit juice (filtered water and grapefruit juice concentrate), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), sugar, pink grapefruit juice (water, concentrated grapefruit juice) brown sugar (sugar, invert sugar, cane molasses), cinnamon chips. Contains less than 2%: citric acid and cinnamon oil.



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