Lime Cordial Tropical Syrup
Lime Cordial Tropical SyrupLime Cordial Tropical SyrupLime Cordial Tropical SyrupLime Cordial Tropical SyrupLime Cordial Tropical Syrup


The classic cordial

Summertime means a lot of things—seeing a movie at the drive-in, walking on the boardwalk, playing mini golf, catching fireflies at night, and trying to win that elusive stuffed animal with that weird sledgehammer game at the local fair.  But it also means one more thing: gin and tonic time.

The classic gin and tonic goes back ages; it was originally slapped together by the army of the British East India Company when they realized you could mix some medicine together with water, sugar, lime, and gin to take some of that nasty bite off.  We’ve come a long way since then—it may be tougher to sell your g&t as medicine next time you’re at the bar—but the classic gin and tonic is as iconic a summertime drink as there is.

The next time you’re in the mood for one, add some of our Lime Cordial to the mix. Blair crafted it with a fresh, distinctive citrus undertone that’s picked up by a bit of molasses-hinted demerara sugar. It’s a perfect kick to that gin and tonic, but feel free to just add it to a bit of ice and soda water for a nice sweet addition to your summer evening.

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Ingredients: Water, demerara sugar, sugar, lime juice. Contains less than 2%: citric acid.



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