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Honey Mix

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    Non-alcoholic cocktail syrup/mixer

     Nutrition Facts

    Serving size: 2 tbsp

    Calories: 80

    Total Fat: 0g

    Saturated Fat: 0g

    Trans Fat: 0g

    Cholesterol: 0mg

    Sodium: 0mg

    : 20g

    Dietary Fiber: 0g

    Total Sugars: 20g
    (Includes Added Sugars: 11g)

    Protein: 0g

    Vitamin D: 0mcg

    Calcium: 0mg

    Iron: 0.1mg

    Potassium: 0mg

    Ingredients: Water, Orange
    blossom honey, cane sugar. Contains less than 2%: Tangerine oil.


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    Have you ever heard that simple breakdown of how to make a punch that goes one of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, and four of weak? Sour typically means your juice, sweet means some syrup, strong is the spirit used, and weak is the ice or any other mixer. It still stands true today that basing a drink on this simple stanza makes for an at least drinkable cocktail. One of the things the tiki masters did when they were concocting their now classic drinks was to take this sentence and break it down further. One of sour, sure, but you could split that "one" in half and bring two different flavors into the mix while maintaining your ratio. This was something the tiki masters did all over the map. By bringing in not just lime and rum but lime, orange, and a blend of several rums, they made what we could call these days mixology. By combining flavors within these ratios, they created many more combinations than you could with just 4 ingredients. And getting creative was necessary to stay ahead of the competition. So when they went for their sweet, they weren't just pouring in some simple and calling it a day. They brought exotic ingredients, even those domestically made, like the sweet ambrosia Orange Blossom Honey.

    What sets Orange Blossom Honey apart from other varieties? Visit a farmers market and ask a local honey producer for samples of their flower-specific varieties. The difference in flavor is astounding. Orange Blossom Honey stands out with its delicate citrus and floral notes, sumptuous sweetness, and a hint of citrus. This unique flavor profile is a game-changer in tiki drinks, where the combination of citrus-tinged honey and actual citrus creates a beautiful blend.

    BG Reynolds Orange Blossom Honey mix is a versatile addition to your mixology arsenal. It brings together the flavors of your favorite honey-containing cocktails. It adds a tinge of gorgeous tangerine flavor to enhance the honey's sweet orange flavor. Whether you're mixing up a Mystery Gardenia, Rangoon Gimlet, Missionary's Downfall, or our favorite application, the venerable Navy Grog, you can trust BG Reynolds Orange Blossom Honey mix to bring the best flavor on the market to your drinks, empowering you to create unique and delicious concoctions.

    Don't limit yourself to tiki drinks. In the winter, transform BG Reynolds Orange Blossom Honey Mix into a delightful toddy. Even in your everyday tea, it adds a delightful hint of flavor to every sip. Wherever you use honey, BG Reynolds Orange Blossom Honey Mix is a convenient alternative. No more struggling with a glob of honey-just pour and mix. It's that easy, giving you the confidence to experiment and create.

    Experience the difference in your cocktails with BG Reynolds Orange Blossom Honey Mix. It's not just flavored simple syrup but a rich ratio of more sugar and honey to less water, ensuring more flavor and texture for your drinks. Our syrups are sealed tight after bottling, so your syrups will arrive ready to enjoy immediately or sit on your shelf until just the right moment. Once you've cracked open the bottle, we recommend keeping it in the refrigerator and using it within a year. So why wait? Try BG Reynolds Orange Blossom Honey Mix today, and rest assured, you're getting the best quality for your cocktails.