Rich Demerara Cocktail Syrup
Rich Demerara Cocktail Syrup


Old Fashioned Meets New Craftmanship

The modern world has brought on a lot of incredible advances. We live longer. We conquer nature. We work globally. Hell, our phones even fit the computational power of all of Alan Turing’s wildest dreams into our tiny pockets. But my god, modernity has cursed sweetness. Rather than time-tested ingredients like real sugar, we’re offered cheap knockoffs with dubious tastes and effects. Well, we’re not down with that.

Rich Demerara is our salute to real flavor and ingredients. This molasses-rich demerara is subtle, smooth, and perfect for bartenders and backyard grillers alike. The hearty and sweet base carries a golden hue to it and leaves folks with a deep, caramel-like flavor in their favorite drinks. It’s adaptable enough to top off an Old Fashioned, take a Miller Shake to the top, or even balance out a November Witch. And it’s our way of saying no to aspartame and yes to natural deliciousness.

We obsess about our cocktails. That’s a bit of an understatement—our company was founded on Blair’s obsession about cocktails. We believe everyone from the experienced bartender to the aspiring mixologist should have the highest quality ingredients available for their needs. So give this demerara a try and see what we’ve been saying for almost a decade: quality counts!

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Ingredients: Water, demerara sugar, sugar. Contains less than 2%: citric acid.



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