Passion Fruit Tropical Cocktail Syrup
Passion Fruit Tropical Cocktail Syrup


 A Tangy, Sweet Spark for your Evening

Passion fruit is kind of weird, right?  Like, what actually is it?  It’s always just kind of…there, in the supermarket, begging us to ask an employee about it. It looks like an old lemon but tastes like a dessert. Well whatever it is, we love it, and we even made this mixer out of it to bring the nonstop ambrosial syrup party to your bar or deck.

The passion fruit has a rich history—it’s regarded as a tropical treasure in many warmer climates, and is versatile enough to work in almost everything sweet you can imagine. Meringue cake?  Yep. Ice cream?  Sure. Want to mix it up with some chili powder and go wild?  Mexico already beat you to the punch on that one. But regardless of your intentions, we’re confident our combination of tangy sweetness is perfect for your syrup needs.

So give it a shot in your Hurricane, Sky Cruiser, Extradition, or Rising Sun. Or throw it on some ice cream. Or blend it up with some fresh fruits and juices. Or top off your dessert with it. But make sure you try our handcrafted elixir, and tell us how happy you are about it afterward. We love it, but more importantly, we know you will too.



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