Mai Tai Cocktail Mixer
Mai Tai Cocktail Mixer


From the sunny shores of Oakland, CA

When Victor Jules Bergeron borrowed $500 to set up a small bar and restaurant across from his parent’s grocery store in the 1930s, he just wanted to share his creativity and flare with the local citizens of the Golden Gate District in Oakland.  That original Hinky Dink’s became the classic Trader Vic’s we know it as today, and along the way Bergeron invented a classic tiki cocktail for the ages: the Mai Tai.

Our Mai Tai mixer pays homage to Bergeron’s founding efforts by combining fresh lime, orange juices, and a sweet bite of almond from our Original Orgeat syrup.  All you need is a splash of some rum and a few ice cubes and this mixer can take you back decades to Bergeron’s dream. 

Not feeling the rum?  No worries. Try this mixer over a few ice cubes and soda water at your next party.  Regardless of your intentions, our Mai Tai looks good in the glass, tastes better on the tongue, and brings to mind those distant shores and steel drums. We may not be able to just hop on a plane tomorrow, but this Mai Tai mixer can take us there with a simple taste.

Ingredients: Water, sugar, orange juice, lime juice. Contains less than 2%: almonds, almond extract, xanthan gum, citric acid & natural flavoring.



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