Lush Grenadine Tropical Syrup
Lush Grenadine Tropical Syrup


Pomegranate, Hibiscus, and Balance

To paraphrase Mugatu, pomegranates are so hot right now. Seriously, they’re everywhere. Want a smoothie?  Here’s some pomegranate. How about a water?  We put some pom in that for you. Warding off future health issues?  Eat more pomegranate.

And it makes sense. Marketers rave about all those antioxidants, but at the end of the day, pomegranates just taste good. There’s something perfect about that constant battle between sweetness and tartness. So we’ve taken some pomegranates, paired them with some tropical hibiscus aromatics, and brought you this Lush Grenadine as a result of all that jazz. The deep red color gives way to a wonderfully balanced, tangy, and sweet taste. All in all, it’s pretty perfect for a Tequila Sunrise on your back porch, a Bourbon Daisy at the bar, or a Sea Breeze at the office party.

Not interested in the alcohol?  Use a splash of this for your Roy Rogers, or include a bit in your latest batch of pink lemonade. It’s versatile, balanced, and just right for whatever you need that sweet tanginess for. We may not take ourselves too seriously, but we do take these syrups seriously. See what we’re talking about the next time you’re in need.

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Ingredients: Sugar, water, pomegranate juice. Contains less than 2%: dried hibiscus.



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