BG Reynolds on rum

You’ll notice in the recipes section that I call out some non-specific rums that are a bit different than your typical white, gold, or dark. That’s because those classifications are bogus, and there is so much more on the market that just doesn’t fit those molds. Here are a few suggested brands and bottlings for the rums in the recipes in this booklet. Some will be called out by name in the recipes because there’s just nothing like them. If you can’t find them conveniently, a little hunting never hurt a good rum collector.

• Overproof Jamaican Rum – Rum Fire, Wray & Nephew

• Blended White Rum – Denizen, Plantation 3 Stars

• Overproof Rhum – That’s Rhum with an “h,” as the French spell it. Damoiseau 110, Rhum Dillon 55, Clément Blanc 55

• Cuban Style white rum – Don Q Cristal, Bacardi Silver

• Dark Jamaican – Coruba, Hamilton Jamaica Black (avoid the syrupy sweet Meyers)

• Demerara Rum – El Dorado Dark, 5 or 8 preferred.

• Demerara 151 – Hamilton 151, or Lemon Hart 151. In a punch, Don Q 151. Not from Guyana, but a very flavorful 151.

• Blackstrap Rum – Cruzan Blackstrap, Whalers in a pinch.

• Allspice Dram – Also known as Pimento Dram, Hamilton’s is my favorite, but St. Elizabeth or Bitter Truth make fine products too. You can use my Tiki Spices as well, but VERY cautiously as it is potent!

• Angostura bitters – there are a million bitters on the market right now, but nothing’s ever been wrong with this classic.

• Herbsaint – You can use Pernod, Absinthe or even Anisette if you’re desperate, but for my money Herbsaint lends the best flavor to your drinks.