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BG Reynolds Swizzle Sticks (1 dozen)
BG Reynolds Swizzle Sticks (1 dozen)BG Reynolds Swizzle Sticks (1 dozen)BG Reynolds Swizzle Sticks (1 dozen)
  • 🔥 INCLUDES: A Set of 12 BG Reynolds 8 Inch Tiki Cocktail Swizzle Sticks. Each Stick is stamped with a super shiny Gold Foil and features our Sipping Tiki. These fun and attractive stirrers are the perfect accessories for any tropical themed party or occasion. Don’t ruin those beautiful Tiki Cocktails with an ugly spoon or stick!
  • 🍸 HIGH QUALITY: Our Swizzle Sticks are made of non toxic high quality plastic, safe for your drinks, and MADE IN THE USA! Durable enough to use as a stirrer, can withstand the abuse of those crazy tiki party goers, and are safe to hand wash and reuse. No waste! COMES IN 4 COLORS: Brown, Green, Orange, and Mixed.
  • 🌴 MULTI-PURPOSE: At 8 inches tall, our swizzle sticks are super versatile and will fit in virtually any cocktail glass or mug! Drop them in the drinks at your Tiki Themed party, use them as stirrers for your own cocktails, collect them and display them in your bar, wield them like mini swords and fight your friends. The possibilities are endless!

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