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Mystery Gardenia

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Mystery Gardenia Recipe:

Blend with about 6 ounces crushed ice, and pour, with love, into a coupe glass. Garnish with the finest sprig of mint you can find.


Products Needed

Gardenia Mix


Drink History

Donn Beach’s ode to the beautiful gardenia, and namesake of BG Reynolds’ Gardenia Mix. No real gardenias are involved in either, unless you have a spare or two in your garden to use as garnish.


BG's tips


The key words for a tall blended drink are "Fluffy Cloud". If you're afraid of overwatering the drink, you can start with a bit less ice, blend for 30 seconds, and add more. Oh, and the bigger the better on ice cubes, which will stay colder better than nugget ice for a drink that needs to be "fluffy".


BG Reynolds on Rum


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